Borgo Pass is set to release another CD with some serious heavy duty Rock!
Stay tuned for the release date in early 2015.










Borgo Pass Featured in Long Island's very own newspaper... NEWSDAY, titled Borgo Pass Celebrates 20 years on LI
Here's the link for the story with more links for picture gallery and video.








Holy Crap its 2010...get ready for the Borgo Pass Steam Roller!!!


Borgo Pass went thru some line up changes, well with our bass player anyway...Joe Rega (12 Eyes) joined up for a little while filling in when YT left the band. Borgo finally secured a permanent Bass Player with Thom
"Sasquatch" Karcher. Thom was in the bands Scorched Earth and Finally Balanced, which Borgo has played with in the past, and he was most recently in the band Elderhead... these guys played some real good Motorhead and originals too. Thom has blended in smoothly to the Borgo sound and scene. 
So please welcome our new Brother, Thom "Sasquatch" Karcher!!!



Yes this page got spanked!!! It is currently under construction.
Please be patient while we bring the Official Borgo Pass Website back up to date.
Thanks, We Sludge You Long Time!!!


Hello Borgo fans and friends. As you know we are now being played nationwide on college and commercial specialty shows througout the country. We need your help by requesting Borgo on the radio. Here is a small list of local sations that are playing us now.

   1)  WKGB 92.5 Bighamton  607-786-ROCK
   2)   WNYU 89.1  NYU  212-998-1818
   3)    WGCC   90.7  Genesse Com. College   585-343-9422
   4)    WSOU   89.5  South Orange Pirate Radio   973-761-9768
   5)    WNYO   88.9   Oswego   315-312-2907
   6)    WCDB  90.9   Albany NY    518-442-4242
   7)    WNHU   88.7   New Haven CT.   203-934-9296
   8)    WRHU  88.7  Hoffstra Univ. Hemp NY   516-463-WRHU   MON-FRI 11pm 1am Aggressive Edge
   9)    WITR   89.7  Rochester NY  585-475-5100
  10)   WHPC  90.3  Nassau Com. College  Garden City NY   516-572-7440  Sat Morn 9am-11am  Extreme Rock
       This is a small list to start. A more comprehensive list will follow within the next week or so. If you live outside the NY Metro area and listen to college radio, then chances are they have the Borgo Pass cd in their rotation. 
Please call and request us. We will give you much sludge in return.
 Thank you!




 A very big show is coming up for Borgo Pass and we need your show of support by coming down and cheering us on. Why is it big? I'll tell ya why. A record label with all their executives and staff are interested in Borgo and are coming down to check us out live. I won't say the name of the label yet but they are pretty big and have many artists on their roster that a lot of you currently listen to. The show date is Thurs. Sept 8 @ 9:15 pm. @ the Continental in NYC. The Continental is located at 25 Third Ave. between St. Marks & 9th St. Phone # is 212-529-6924. There is no cover charge. That's right! Freeeeeeeee Show! Wear your Borgo colors if you got them. We hope to see as many of you out there on Sept 8 as possible. Please spread the word. Borgo Pass thanks all of you who have supported us over the years. Now it's time to tear shit up!



Borgo Pass has started to open accounts with local record stores on Long Island. CD Island located in Rockville Centre is the first store to carry Nervosa.
There are more stores to carry the latest BP release including Loony Tunes, Tower Records, and more. So tell your friends to go get their very own copy of Nervosa before we run out and it's too late. They are going quick....You Go Now!!!



  Borgo Pass will be working with Skateboard Marketing to launch a nationwide radio campaign this September in support of their new critically acclaimed CD, "Nervosa". In all, 500 commercial and college radio stations will be part of this major promotion. Skateboard Marketing, run and operated by Munsey Ricci, is an independent music marketing company who focuses on active rock and college radio promotion as well as street marketing and commercial specialty shows. Skateboard Marketing has worked with legendary artists such as Pantera, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Disturbed, AC/DC and now Borgo Pass !

Interested in supporting a hard working, unsigned band? Then contact your local college and commercial radio stations such as 89.5  WSOU  or  88.7  WRHU  or any radio station that plays Metal and Hard Rock and request Borgo Pass now!

 For more info log on to  or


OK It's Summer and it is fucking HOT!!!!!!!
New Reviews in the Press section...YOU GO NOW!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y'all made it one of the best par-tay's EVER!!!

Borgo Pass played their CD Release show at Whoville in Bethpage. They played to a jam-packed house of nearly 400 people total
and sold 565 cd's on the night of the release. There were new Borgo Pass shirts that sold very well also. The Shirts and CD will be available online in a few days. You can always pre-order them now by emailing us here
"We really want to thank all of our fans, ALL OF YOU for making this a huge fucking night". Says Tommy BFP
There were some friends who drove 3 hours to see the show and then drove back home when the show was done...And some Famaliar faces flew up from Florida.....U Fucking RAWK!
We want to thank our good friend Crispy Chicken for a killer sound and for recording us in the first place! Dude U RAWK!!!
There are some pics of the show on the
Photo Page go check them out NOW!!! 
We are still waiting for our main man Lil' Philly to produce the rest of the pics. So Fill if you read this...WHERE R THEY???

Thanks again,

So it's 4/20....I think you should know what to do!!!!!!!
If you Don't, then you should ask your Mom!!!

NEWS 3/31/05
The wait is over and the day of reckoning is finally here! Borgo pass will release their eagerly awaited Full length CD entitled, "Nervosa", 
Sat. April 23, 2005. "Nervosa" contains 11 bone crushing tracks of heavy rock and metal goodness and is the band's most accomplished work to date. " A lot of rehearsals, long studio sessions and Heinekens went into making this record!", explains guitarist Paul Rosado. " I know our fans and friends will welcome getting their eardrums blown out upon cranking this CD!"   "Nervosa", was recorded and mixed at Coop Studio in Freeport NY under the production and guidance of Chris Laybourne, a.k.a. Crispy Chicken. It's evident that upon first listen ,Borgo Pass with the help of Crispy Chicken brought their band to an all new level of heavy music artistry.
          As an unsigned band, Borgo Pass have created quite a buzz in the music scene by embarking on self-booked and financed tours and opening for the likes of Type O Negative, Life of Agony, Anthrax, Clutch and Superjoint Ritual just to name a few. " We look to continue the steamroller effect with the release of this record.", adds singer James Tammarazzo. Borgo Pass will be celebrating the release of their new cd Sat. April 23 at local hotspot, Whoville , located at 339 Broadway, Bethpage, NY.   Playing with Borgo will be local metal comrades, Point Blank and Lunicide. Doors will open at 8pm with bands starting at approx. 9pm.  CD's, t-shirts and various merchandise will be available. This will be a 21 and over event.  For more info log on to and send emails to or

A new sample entitled "Wrong Man" is available for download at


NEWS - 2/01/05
"Borgo Pass , Bonesmith, Lunicide and the Mercurial Rock Club RITUAL old school style!"



Long Island got a taste of an old school rock show when some of area's heaviest bands joined forces on a bill that will be remembered and hopefully duplicated in the near future.  The night was hosted by Fuse/Uranium's own Mistress Juliya who got the crowd pumped up for all the bands before they hit the stage.  Up first was the Mercurial who played a great set and had the crowd warmed up very well with a blend of heavy grooves and aggressive yet melodic vocals.  Next to take the stage was Borgo Pass who had the crowd jacked beyond belief for some good ole fashioned ass kickin.  The sound of helicopters & evil feedback droned over the PA as a packed house of over 600 rabid metal fans saluted the stage with devil horns as Borgo's lead singer James Tamarazzo commanded the crowd with prowess of a twisted rebel drill sergeant that had been possessed a dark force.  As the first riffs bellowed from the amps Borgo Pass layed an ungodly heavy sound over the crowd like a lead blanket.  A pit ensued all throughout the entire set that included a toast to a fallen friend and musical hero, guitarist Darrell Lance Abbott "Dimebag".  James asked the crowd to please have a moment of silence and remember Darrell for the beautiful person he was and to raise a toast to the sky. A collage of Darrell was present onstage during the Borgo set as James dedicated the last song of the night to Darrell, the band lurched into the ever popular "I've Been Down" which sounded like ZZ Top on a heavy dose of steroids.  With the crowd sonically bludgeoned there was more to come with the reunited lineup of LI heavyweights Bonesmith.  With a great lineup featuring new drummer Jamie formerly of Hostile Intent and welcoming back James Griffin to the camp, the grooves ensued for a great set including classic songs such as "Stepping Stone" and a crowd pleasing cover of Pantera's "Fucking Hostile".  Kenny (vocals) also spoke to the crowd about Dime and to make sure that they never forget his spirit and his legend.  The highlight of the set came when Bonesmith bassist Erik Bonesmith asked for his beloved girlfriend Kimberly's hand in marriage, and she said yes in front of a good number of witnesses.  With the alcohol flowing and the scantily clad, half naked Ritual dancers working the crowd and the poles into a fever pitch it was time for some thrash when Lunicide hit the stage.  These guys definitely knew their trade as they unleashed a melodic blend of thrashy grooves and ballistic drum beats held together by frontman Tone Lucid's unique vocals and stage persona.  Tone, a true showman had the crowd surfing and stage diving into the night.  The set was brought to an emotional end by another tribute to Dimebag with Tone inviting Jimmy from Borgo Pass onstage to join him on vocals for a blistering rendition of Pantera's classic "Mouth For War".  OJay (Lunicide gutairist) placed a green slime Washburn at the front of the stage in tribute to Darrell as the band lurched into the heavy metal staple with the crowd singing along at a deafening volume.   A great night was had by all and we all can hope that this will continue to multiply in the coming months, a revolution seems to be on it's way. 

Long Island Metal Fan ...

NEWS - 1/31/05 "Great Night @ Ritual"



What a cool fucking evening. We got to play with the mighty Bonesmith's been a while since we've shared the stage together. Plus, James is back with the boys now....woooooohoooooooo.
Even with the technical difficulties and the smoking head it was yeeeeeFuckinghaaaaaa.
And Erric... you da man... You really shocked everyone when you proposed to your woman on stage after you guys played a set. CONGRATS 2 U guys!!!

Thanks also to all of you who packed Ritual last sat nite
We had a fucking BLAST...A very special thanks to all of our Myspace friends who came down to the show...U Fucking RAWK BIG TIME!!!!
Thanks to all of you who promoted this show and made it one of our Top 10 shows of all time!!!

Lunicide was fucking Bad Ass as usual...they tore shit up as they always do!!!
Mercurial were real good too. Groovy haircuts there boys.

So we had a great to see a few of our favorite beer in the VIP room...Scantily clad chicks dancing on poles together....Did any of them use that damn shower? and our ever growing legion of fans who we all appreciate very very mucho!!! Thanks for making that show a great fucking show.

A big thanks to Juliya for hanging all night and Hosting the show...
we have some pics to post ; )


Catch us at the next shows... bring a camera, bring a friend, bring your Mom, and her friends too!!!!

Borgo Pass

(Pronounced Borgo Fucking Pass)



Hello everyone it's Jimmy from Borgo Pass with a new update.  Happy new year to everyone! We have some great things coming up that we are very excited about.  The record is finished, mastered and the artwork is being finished by yours truly.  Eleven of the heaviest Borgo Pass tracks ever will be coming your way very very soon.  Keep you ears open for the singles "Wrong Man" "Warchild" and "Dead Summer" on local radio in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for a release party date and a Long Island in-store signing/performance.  Until then this is what we have on the live front, so we hope to see you out in the crowd having a blast. 

We are happy to announce that long time buds Bonesmith have returned and have added us to their reunion show on January 29th at Club Ritual in Long Island . Lunicide will be playing on the bill as well.  The night will be hosted by Juliya from Uranium. Admission is FREE before 11:30 

Our website will be going under a quick remodeling soon so check back often there is ton of stuff going on day by day. 

Check out the new photos below from our recording sessions with Crispy at the Coupe.

NEWS - 1/19/05 - Rest in Peace - Darrell Lance Abbott “Dime” 1966-2004

I don't think I can come up with the words right now to express exactly how I feel. I am utterly destroyed and numb.  I was up late last night at the studio with Paul and Crispy putting the final track listing together for our record and went to bed on a high, knowing we had finished our record.  I got the call from my fiancé while on the train to work this morning and I completely lost it.  Today a part of me died.   I had seen Damageplan just last week twice and had drinks with those guys many times here and in Texas .  We were lauging our asses off about picts that Vinnie had hanging with Van Halen. I had burnt Dime a bootleg Van Halen disc full of live classics and Paul was planning my bachelor party for another night at the Clubhouse.  Dime may your legend live on forever and ever. You were a true hero and wonderful person that I will never forget.  Thank you for all the beautiful music and memories "Singing the entire Fair Warning album at the top of our lungs" until we all meet on the other side.  My sympathy and condolences go out to your family, Vinnie, Rita, Mr. Abbott and all your friends.  You were the real deal brother and we will keep your spirit alive forever...
Jimmy Borgo

Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for Damageplan and Pantera, was killed during a shooting spree at a Columbus , Ohio , nightclub Wednesday night. He was 38. Darrell, real name Darrell Lance Abbott, was among the five people killed during the incident. Also dead are the gunman, 25-year-old Nathan Gale of nearby Marysville, Ohio; Damageplan bodyguard Jeff Thompson, 40; fan Nathan Bray, 23; and Erin Halk, 29, who worked at the club. Gale also wounded three people.  

A Very Sad, Bad, Day for the Metal World
Current mood: UnFuckingHappy

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A gunman charged onstage at a nightclub and opened fire on the band and crowd, killing top heavy metal guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and three other people before a police officer shot him to death, authorities said.

The gunman had a hostage in a headlock and appeared to be preparing to kill him when the officer fired, police spokesman Sgt. Brent Mull said. The hostage escaped uninjured, Mull said.

Two other people were hospitalized. Police said one was in intensive care and the other stable.

Police identified the gunman as Nathan Gale, 25, of Marysville, 25 miles northwest of Columbus. Police said they had no information on a motive or any connection to Abbott or his band, the Texas-based group Damageplan.

Damageplan had just begun its first song at Alrosa Villa club Wednesday night when the gunman climbed onstage, started yelling and shot Abbott five or six times at point-blank range, witness Chris Couch said.

Mull said the gunman's exact statement was unclear because of the loud music. He said some witnesses reported hearing an accusation about Abbott breaking up his former band, thrash-rock pioneer Pantera, but it could not be confirmed whether the speaker was the gunman or a fan.

Couch, 22, said the man was wearing a hooded sweat shirt and was followed by a bouncer and another club employee.

Couch said that after firing on the guitarist, the gunman shot a bouncer who had pulled him off the musician, while fans surged toward the exit. The gunman then fired into the crowd of more than 250 people, Mull said.

Mull said Officer James D. Niggemeyer, patrolling nearby, arrived within two minutes of hearing the call. Niggemeyer, 31, saw one person lying dead and the suspect holding onto another "pretty much in a headlock," Mull said.

He said the hostage, "probably a fan, maybe someone who worked with the band," was able to maneuver out of the way before the officer fired.

Mull praised Niggemeyer's response.

"If the officer wasn't as close as he was, I think this would have been a lot worse," he said. "It was a chaotic scene, just a horrific scene."

Besides Abbott and Gale, police said the dead included Nathan Bray, 23, and Erin Halk, 29. Police said the name of the fifth person killed was being withheld pending notification of family.

Couch said he believed the shooter had a plan. "It was definitely a grudge. It was against something," he said.

Mull said he believed there was amateur video that officers could view for clues but that police had no answers yet. "We may never know a motive for this, unless he left a note," Mull said.

Gale has a minor police record in Marysville, said Police Chief Floyd Golden. He was pulled over for driving with a suspended license last month.

Thursday morning, a dozen yellow roses, still in plastic wrap, lay near the entry to the low-slung beige building that since 1974 has hosted mostly heavy metal acts. The 641-person-capacity club, just off a freeway exit on the city's north side, sits amid motels, small businesses and office complexes.

Dozens of messages were posted to the band's Web site after the shootings.

"This is the worst day in metal history," one posting read.

"The metal world feels your pain," another wrote.

Damageplan's debut album, "New Found Power," which was released in February by Elektra, was produced by Abbott and his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. Other band members are vocalist Patrick Lachman and bassist Bob Zilla.

Earlier, the brothers had been members of the Grammy-nominated Pantera, whose popularity soared in the early 1990s with a fast, aggressive sound.

"Damageplan carries on the tradition Pantera started, the ... hell-raising tradition we were all about," Vinnie Paul Abbott told The Dallas Morning News in October.

"It took awhile for some of the Pantera fans to accept it; we knew that was gonna be the case," he said. "Change is something that people have a hard time accepting. But me and Dime intended on doing this our whole lives."

The shootings came exactly 24 years after John Lennon was shot to death outside his New York apartment building by a deranged fan.


Associated Press writer Jay Jorden in Dallas contributed to this report.



The mastering is happening tonight!!! The Full Length Borgo CD will be ready for duplications after we finish. You can expect the release in early December, just in time for the holidays. This CD will make a great stocking stuffer or even a nice gift for the 6th or 8th day of Chanukah (Hanukkah). You get the point. So y'all can expect this long awaited CD to be chock full of heavy duty goodness. We will announce the location of the CD release party, and we will announce an in store appearance at a certain local record store near you (If you happen to live on Long Island.
You can also expect Borgo Pass to be touring in support of this new CD.

Have a Hell of a Thanksgiving, eat much, and fight with your family as much as you can handle.
OK we're just kidding about that fighting with you family stuff, it's only a freakin joke.
Peace and Sludge to all.

A very special thanks to all of our new fans who made it out to the show last Saturday night, and of course an even bigger thanx to all of our very loyal Borgo fans who show up at every show...

Just wanted to let everyone know that we only have 3 more tracks to mix down. This Thursday should bring an end to the mixing process. We are then set to master the whole album the second week of Nov. We will probably do a record release show either mid Dec or mid Jan. Keep looking to the web site for more details. In the meantime we hope to see as many of you as possible Sat. Nov. 20 @ Whoville in Bethpage. Playing with Borgo will be the amazing Zep tribute, Earl's Court, featuring Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative!


Good news folks! 
Borgo is entering the studio again to record the last half of our record. We will be recording 5 new tracks, 3 of which we have never played live. If all goes well, we should be looking at a late Nov. or early Dec release. We are working very hard with our producer, Crispy Chicken to put out the best record possible. We promise not to dissapoint. It's been a long time since we put out new music and no one is looking more forward to putting out this new cd than we are. In the meantime, come on down Sat Sept 25 to the Ultrasound Lounge in Levittown and hear some of these new songs we are recording performed for the very first time. Like a virgin! See ya.

Borgo Pass with Johnny Kelly
Playing Into the Void


Well playing with W.A.S.P. was pretty cool although the sound guy sucked a rod. Not sure whose fault it was but the sound for Borgo Pass was compromised for W.A.S.P. as they used all the inputs for the soundboard. Borgo had no mics on the amps and had to use the vocal mics instead (Which meant no backing vocals). There were no monitors for BP so it was really hard to hear each other. But hey it was fun, and we did get tons of names for the mailing list...thanks to all of you cheering and chanting BORGO. A very special thank you goes out to our friend Johnny Kelly of Type-O-Negative for sitting in on the drums when we played Black Sabbath's "Into the Void". Yea Johnny we know we have to play a different Sabbath tune next time, how about Cornucopia instead? Thanks again.
Oh Yea, We never introduced YT to Blackie...oh well maybe they should not mix after all  :       )

A very special thanks to Good Little Witch for having Borgo play the Full Moon Festival Saturday night. It was a real fun and we had a blast. As soon as Borgo was finished playing, they started to raffle off some cool items, one of them being a nice black electric guitar. As BP was rapping up they called the number for the Guitar, and wouldn't you know it Tom had the winning ticket. So thanks for the guitar, now my 2 year old son can play his very own Axe.


Paul from Borgo here. I wanted to make a formal announcement to the person or persons who broke into my car and my future wife's car on consecutive nights this past Sun. and Mon. night. " MAY YOU GET CANCER OF THE COCK AND BALLS AND GET ASS RAPED OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO THE POINT THAT YOUR ASSHOLE RESEMBLES AN ELEPHANT TRUNK!  
  I just had to get that off my chest! For those of you who are wondering, not only were both our stereos ripped out of our cars, but personal and professional items were stolen as well. My custom made pedal board system for my guitar was taken. I would appreciate if some of you out there keep an eye out for this item on Ebay. The contents included: Boss Digital Delay, Boss Chorus, Boss Noise Supressor, Boss Tuner, Vox Wah and a Mesa Dual Rectfier Channel switching board. This was a $1,400 loss for me. In my future wife's car was a back pack with all her hair cutting tools. This included 3 pairs of scissors, 2 electric hair buzzers, a hair dryer, many brushes and assorted combs and other hair cutting tools. This was about a $1,000 loss. If anyone has info on these stolen items, just drop us an email (
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to see as many of you maniacs as possible over the next few shows!

Listen to Borgo Pass tonight on 98.5 FM (The Bone) and 540 AM (WLIE)
Starting at 9 pm. Plenty of surprises stay tuned and tune in 2nite.

At any time you can hear the radio show that Borgo Pass was invited to play by clicking this link

A very special thanks to Paul and Mike at Long Island Music Scene dot com for having BP on the show.


WOW, now that was one hell of a booze cruise. We were the loudest party boat
in the area. Plenty of food, drink, and very loud music. Thanks again to The Ramoones for putting the trip together. And I am happy to announce that nobody went overboard : )


Borgo Pass was asked to play a Birthday Bash for two super cool people last night. Erric Seiffert (Bonesmith) and Juliya (Uranium/Fuse) celebrated their 22nd birthday (again, wink wink). Borgo had a blast and the crowd that was pretty huge seemed to really dig it. Borgo was honored that they were asked to play the party, and met many good people. There were many drinks going around and Juliya was pouring shots of Jagermeister into the mouths of the accepting. Tom ran into Paul Booth, the famed tattoo artist who has like a 2 year waiting list. Upon talking with Paul, Tom who has quite a few tattoos gave him a Borgo CD and PB said he really liked the band and thanked Tom for the CD, and Tom told PB he really admired his work for many years and wants some work from Paul. Now about that 2 year wait... \m/  c'mon Paul.  \m/ 
    Thanks again for the invite, Thanks for the cake, Thanks for the memories.


Tom's little guy Tommy turned 2 years old Today. "Time sure does fly when your having fun". This kid is the size of most 4 year olds, and smart as can be. He loves music and has natural rhythm. He loves to sing and sure can dance. He's a big flirt and the chicks dig him (because he rarely wears underwear).
I enjoy each and every day watching my boy grow up.

By the way... I know he says truck but it sounds like fuck.


Hello everyone I know it has been some time since an update, stone me now or forever hold your peace. Great stuff happening, Borgo emerged with 5 songs from the studio and two have been released to radio, recording picts click here. The guys are heading back in to finish 4-5 more tracks for the full length record due out late this summer. You can call and request the new singles "Acedown" and "Rid Myself of You" on The Aggressive Edge Rock show at Nassau Community College WHCP - 90.3 FM at around 9:30 - 10:00 AM in the morning on Saturdays. The show is also repeated into the afternoon so tune in on and check out the new songs off the new upcoming record. A big thanks to Jamie for the interview and pumping up the new material! Fingers at WBAB is now spinning the singles on the legendary "Fingers Metal Shop" on Saturday nights, Fingers kicks ass and loves homegrown metal. For more info check out Check back for radio station additions that will be playing the singles. Please call in to hear Borgo Pass on the airways.

The band just finished up a bunch of shows and the Prong date was a blast. Tommy Victor is a sick guitar player and one hell of a cool guy. Check out a ton of picts from the night here.

Borgo has been selected as direct support for Blackie Lawless and WASP on Sat. August 7th 2004 at Mulcahy's in Wantagh, Long Island. This show is going to be out of control and we want to see you all out there going nuts!

The last show at the Funky Munky was a night to remember. The night started off slow when a WHO coverband was on the stage being filmed for a BRAVO channel exclusive. Camptangle unfortunatly backed out of the show, so Borgo and Hold on Humanity stepped up and destroyed. The sound is always amazing there, John Levaseur was mixing the metal as well, the dude is unreal and had done the live sound on the Metallica Black album tour!!! The guy makes the band sound like they are in Madison Square Garden. Great sets were played by both bands and then the finale. HOH and Borgo joined forces on a few covers and the PA went up in flames !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOH asked Jimmy to guest on lead vocals on Pantera's "Domination/Hollow" . And then to top it off they broke into Slayer's "Raining Blood" with Joe Wood and Jimmy on vocals, classic!!! To view the chaos that ensued go to and go to the media / video section. You will not be dissapointed.


XForm Worldwide will be airing the Borgo Pass interview live at the Downtown tonight at 10 PM EST. 
Catch it here at Borgo would like to personally thank XForm for coming down to interview the band and want to apologize for the fuck up at the front door at The Downtown. Anyhoo thanks again guys.

OK we finished recording, mixing, and mastering 5 songs, and we think you'll be as happy with the songs as we are.
We are going back into the studio (The Chicken Coupe) with Crispy Chicken to record 4 more tunes. We are considering adding a bonus track of one of our older songs recorded live at CBGB NYC. 
A video will follow the recording.

Well it's looking very, very good. We finished two more songs last night, and have one more to go. We all want to record at least five more songs so we can release a full length. Under the direction of Crispy we feel we can easily produce 5 more tracks of heavy goodness. Again Paul was the last to leave the studio last night and I think he was the first to show too. After many hours, many beers, and ears acting "funny" we are very happy with the way this recording has been going. For all of you, we know you will be squealing with delight when you all hear the new material. Oh the Heavy Duty Goodness.

Borgo is almost finished recording. A few more tracks will have to be added, and then it will go to mix down. We are not sure where we are going to be mixing, but we do have some serious offers to mix at some upper scale studios in Manhattan. This recording is already sick and we have to thank gratefully the very talented Crispy Chicken. The studio is in Freeport, Long Island and we've spent some quality time on this recording. You all will be digging the new stuff when we are done. A video will follow. We are hoping you all would like to be a part of it, and come down when we grab some live footage. We'll post it on the website when we are ready for that. We still have to decide on which song we're going to film. BTW, did you know Paul was in the studio for probably 17 - 20 hours the other day, man is that fucking dedication or what.

We hear Bonesmith is almost ready to hit the scene again with new drummer Jamie hitting the skins. Jamie Was the drummer with Hostile Intent for a while and will be a very big part of the Bonesmith comeback! Can't wait to jam with you boys again.

Bean made an rare appearance the other night at the Purple Frog. It was good to see someone worshiping the band the way Bean does...OH HELLS YEA!!!       Eeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii.

This Just In...
The new Probot CD is fucking cool man. It is worth checking out. I would have bought it but a friend burned it for me so, either have someone burn it for you, or go and buy it dangnabbit.

Check out the new pict of Jimmy & Paul puttin back some black tooths when Dimebag rolled through town. The debut album from Damageplan featuring Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul is due out on February 10th 2004 with a guest appearance from Zakk Wylde!!!!! Check it out at under the fan section, it kicks some serious ass! Devastation is on the way.


WINTER 2003 / 2004
More great shows, made it through the holidays into 2004.
Great show with Earls Court last night (1/02/04) Many great moments to remember. Johnny getting on the drums and jamming Into the Void with us and also another special treat when Danny the singer of Earls Court jumped up on stage as we played a pretty wicked heavy version of Led Zep's No Quarter.
Heading into the studio to record 3 songs (this time we mean it) Look for new tunes coming early late Winter or early Spring

FALL 2003
Lots of great shows 



August 2003
Borgo Pass would like to give very special thanks to Life Of Agony for inviting them on their sold out show 8/3 at The Birch Hill in Old Bridge, NJ. This show was Awesome!!! Borgo played to a packed house at the Birch Hill last Sunday night. The crowd was excellent. The joint was jumping. Alan you da man. 
Brand New Sin
kicked some serious ass and LOA was absolutely insane. We had a blast and all you boys in BNS and LOA are really super fucking cool .Thanks also to all of you hard core people going crazy and jumping for, you is some sick ass mo-fo's. Cheers to the Boys and Girls head-banging in the front row.


 Borgo Pass to perform at the House of Shock once again!!! Borgo Pass have been invited to perform on Halloween night, October 31st 2003 at the House of Shock in New Orleans Louisiana for the second year in a row. The House of Shock is an interactive Halloween extravaganza owned and operated by Philip Anselmo (Pantera, DOWN, Superjoint Ritual) Big Ross Karpleman (Clearlight), Steve Joseph and Jay Gracinetti.

 In the last 22 months Borgo Pass have opened for Type O Negative, Superjoint Ritual, Clutch, Kittie, Vince Neil, Unida, Nuclear Assault, The Misfits, Kings X, and High on Fire and more as an unsigned unit. They are constantly booking their own self -financed tours of the extending their loyal fan base as they move on. 

Borgo Pass' new demo was produced by ex-Ludichrist/Scatterbrain guitarist Paul Nieder, and is already generating a major buzz in the underground scene. BP are set to enter the studio with Nieder in August to finish a full length record in hopes of locking down a great record deal. Their demo "Slightly Damaged" has received the thumbs up from top Heavy Music Veterans like, Henry Rollins, members of Static X, Type O Negative, just to name a few. 92.3 KROCK's Crazy Cabbie recently phoned the band just after listening to the recent demo to congratulate them on a insanely fine job.

 In a recent short phone interview with front man James Tamarazzo he stated the following "We have never felt so confident in our lives. Things happen for a reason and the reason here is the blood, sweat and sacrifice we have endured as band and brothers that is showing through very clear. Our intent is to work as hard as we can to create the best record we can. We want the listeners and the fans to be floored. We just hooked up with one of the best attorneys in the business that recognized what we have been working towards for quite some time. Borgo Pass' sound is so very unique in that our influences pull from everywhere. There is the thrash end to it layered over the euphoric classic 70's sound that has been or foundation since day one. The response has been overwhelming from the fans, and even other musicians I have looked up to my whole life. Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey from Type O Negative have become great friends and have supported us along the way . They jumped on stage one night in Brooklyn with us and jammed a version on Black Sabbath's "Into The Void" that was ungodly heavy, they are both unreal musicians and great guys . I am so excited about what is to come, I could not be any happier singing in Borgo Pass, we are having a blast hands down". 

Borgo Pass is currently playing regionally all summer long. They are opening for Biohazard on July 3rd at Lamour in Brooklyn. On Aug 3rd they will be opening for Life Of Agony at The Birch Hill in NJ. They will be returning to New Jersey in late August playing at Connections with Thro and One Lump Sum



TOUR 2002
October 2002
August 2002
June 30th 2002
April 2002
March 2002
February 2002
January 2002
December 2001
October 2001
September 11, 2001
June 2001

October 2002

Well we got the family truckster and we did our first road trip in it that very weekend.
The Sludge Machine is the new Borgo Cruiser we will be touring around in for a while. The SM hauled our asses to New Jersey so we could play with SuperJoint Ritual and High on Fire at The Birch Hill, then later on we headed to the Great White North and played a show at the 360 club in Toronto. Very cool venues  and the crowds were insane. Thanks to you all we were able to play two shows in two countries with about two hours of sleep...Oh Hells Yea.

We found this posted in Good Times Magazine so we thought we would post it here.
Thanks for the press.

Borgo Pass is a hard rock/metal band from Long Island that has been causing a major buzz on the
east coast scene this past year. Borgo Pass recruited new singer James Tamarazzo (formerly of Ritual6) after the departure of long time vocalist Ed Sebastian in September 2000. In the last 15 months, Borgo Pass has played over 60 live dates opening for the likes of Type O Negative, Vince Neil, The
Misfits, SuperJoint Ritual, Clutch and more. This past winter, they recorded their third CD, "Slightly Damaged" produced by Paul Nieder (ex Scatterbrain guitarist) heralding praise from a number of musicians; Henry Rollins, Static X, DOWN, and Type O Negative, to name a few. Working harder than ever, the band has booked a self-financed tour of the southern United States. Borgo Pass has been personally invited to kick off the tour in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 31st at The House of Shock, a Halloween festival owned and operated by the legendary Phillip Anselmo of PANTERA / DOWN / SUPERJOINT RITUAL and Ross Karpleman of CLEARLIGHT and DOWN. The band will cover Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, finishing at the prestigious SHOD festival in Phoenix, Arizona on a headlining bill with
Sixty Watt Shamen and Unida This band has more drive and is working harder than any group of individuals I have ever seen, if you mix that with an insane amount of talent and a stage presence, you'll be left amazed, yet devastated. They are definitely on the road to achieving their goals. Those of which include securing a major record label deal and performing on Ozzfest 2003 next summer. Any
coverage that could be provided would be greatly appreciated. Borgo Pass is a testament to the persistence, determination and promise of attaining your goals and dreams through hard work and never letting go of what you believe in.

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August 2002

Borgo played an insane show at L'amour Brooklyn August 3 at with The Misfits. 
The Misfits featured Marky Ramone of The Ramones and Robo of Black Flag, it was tremendous. The Crowd was kick ass when Borgo got up to play and a nice mosh pit was the result.
Borgo Pass would like to thank with extreme gratitude, Johnny and Kenny of Type-0 Negative
for jamming the Black Sabbath song Into The Void with us. "We Enjoyed the Hell out of it". "Thanks Boys". Thanks also to some cool bands and cool ppl, Niya, Kayden and Gravesend. Borgo Pass also thanks the boys and yes the girls in that insane pit Tearing Shit Up!!!
Special Thanks to all in the Sludge-Core.
Extra Secret special thanks to you.
See Borgo Live!!!
Show Page for more

Pics of the show here

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June 30th 2002

Thomas William Crane
Born 1:48am
7 lbs. 1oz.
21" Long

Proud Parents Tom and MJ Crane
Welcome to Life. Enjoy it All.

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April 2002

Borgo Pass has released their 3rd independent album "Slightly Damaged". This new CD contains 5 heavy duty tunes with new singer and borgo brother Jimmy Tamarazzo. This would have been a full length but the Borgo Boys are not exactly rich just yet!!! The recording captures a very true Borgo sound, being that it was recorded live on 2" reel to reel, and in one take "no shit". Slightly Damaged was Engineered By Paul Nieder, Produced as well by Paul and co-produced by Borgo Pass. The release date was April 6th at The Downtown in Farmingdale NY and yes indeed this joint was jam-packed. Borgo put on one hell of a show that night proving why they are one of NY's best. Do yourselves and BP a huge favor and start to request them on your local radio shows, and go see them live. Spread The Sludge.

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March 2002

Borgo Pass is proud to announce their highly anticipated CD Release Show will be  Saturday April 6 at Dave Glicker's Downtown 190 Main Street, Farmingdale NY. This will be a Huge event for Borgo as they release their first CD with new singer James Tamarazzo. So it is recommended that you all get on down to the Downtown to see the boys kick off what we think will be a Borgo Pass Kickin Time. We thank you all very much for always supporting Borgo either at the shows or on the web, so we know this CD will prove to be an Exciting one indeed. Doors open at 9 pm Borgo will play at Midnight. Admission to the show is $10 bucks and there will be Borgo Paraphanailia for sale CD's, Shirts, Stickers, Posters. Also appearing will be Hollywood Recording artists and local boys Diffuser who will be kicking off the start of their tour. Come down and Party with Borgo

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February 2002

The show with Kings X was great!!! Place was jam packed with people who dig the heavy duty music. This was good for us. excellent crowd, not too many mullets, but a few were spotted. This crowd showed their appreciation extremely well for the boys of Borgo as well as the Driven and Kings X. Borgo played on a very small stage with Joes drums right up to the front. We had to set up in front of Kings X drum kit. This pretty much gave us absolutely no room whatsoever to move. Not a problem 'cause it was worth every inconvenience just to play with the mighty Kings X. Man they are good... they played for about 135 minutes non stop and probably could've kept going. Borgo Pass would like to thank The Village Pub, Kings X, the Driven, and the drink girls who without them would have made the evening of drinking unfulfilled. We are almost finished in the studio so the CD should be out by March 2002. Next show March 2, 2002. Check out the show page for more info.

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January 2002

Happy New Year Sludgesters!!!

Borgo played at Mulcahy's with the infamous Dokken of the 80's metal fame (No, George Lynch was not there... oh well). Again, this place was getting packed as we decided to get some dinner. When we came back from our excellent Italian food (pizza) we noticed that the place was now stuffed with on-lookers. We saw plenty of faces from the last show and we want to thank you all for coming. Borgo played 9 songs that evening including a brand new one that we will be recording at the end of this month. This show did not promise any naked chicks but man did you see all of those bellybuttons...Nice. Borgo would like to thank Blake Elkin for another fantastic light show, check out some of his work at Thanks again to the entire Mulcahy's staff, thanks John J. Murray, We Sludge You Man. Oh yea Extra special thanks to the Dokken bus driver for blocking in the Borgo Convoy. We do not have any shows booked until we are finished in the studio. Now do yourselves a favor and go vote for Borgo Pass to play at Ozzfest 2002...Spread the Sludge

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December 2001

Borgo Pass  played a last minute gig with Vince Neil (Motley Crue Dude) at Mulcahy's in Wantagh, N.Y.  Borgo was asked to open up for the Vince band and of course we took it. This Place was absolutely packed wall to wall, so we played to about 1500-2000 people and this crowd was jumpin. Now remember, the Borgo sound is somewhat different than the Vince "METAL" sound, yet remains very heavy (if you have seen us than you know). It was good to see the crowd enjoying the boys of Borgo. A big thank you to Blake Elkin for a great lighting job. Check him out at .We would like to thank the swarm of people who signed up to our mailing list. We would also like to give special thanks to the Vince Band and the Crew of Mulcahy's. Oh yea, extra special thanks to John J Murray. Wait, extra extra special thanks to the naked chicks and the awesome cleavage in the front row.

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October 2001

Borgo Pass was invited to play a special Halloween show with Type-O-Negative at L'amour The Rock Capitol of Brooklyn. The show was sold out and Borgo played to a packed house. BP took to the stage at 7:45 and noticed that everyone was still in the room, so we tore shit up for almost 1000 people. There were many different kinds of people there that night and they seemed to have one thing in common... they were all diggin it. Now this is not really from the bands point of view (although we did notice everyone movin') this is what we heard from people after we had played. Borgo played 7 songs, 3 old and 4 new. The crowd seemed to admire all of them and barely had a chance to take a breath. It was because of the huge crowd enjoying the music that Borgo Pass played extremely well, and we would like to thank you all. Borgo Pass would also like to thank Type-O-Negative and L'amour for having us on the show. See Borgo live at a fine drinking establishment near you.

 We are really close to heading into the studio to record four new songs for your listening pleasure.

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September 2001

9/11/01 New York City, NY
Two planes crashed deliberately into both towers of the World Trade Center at mid-morning on Tuesday. Within the hour, both buildings collapsed, sending huge plumes of dust and smoke billowing throughout the island of Manhattan.

No immediate reports of total casualties are available. But one exhausted firefighter said the death toll will be "unbelievable" and added that he and his coworkers were able to hear people screaming for help from within the wreckage of the towers.

Reporters on the scene were told shortly before noon EDT the confirmation by American Airlines that the two planes that crashed into the towers were hijacked commercial jets with passengers and crew aboard.

Another Plane crashed into the Pentagon and one other went down in a rural area in Pennsylvania believed to be heading for the White House.
It is also believed to be true that the passengers aboard that flight had tried to thwart the advances of the terrorists on board.

Here is The Status on Borgo Pass

Everyone in Borgo Pass is OK although there are some Horror 
stories about The Long Journey Home from Manhattan
survived by Jimmy. Tom works a few blocks from there but was not at work because he suffered an ankle injury. Joe was supposed to go into the City but did not. Paul was on the phone with Tom watching the TV in disbelief as the sad and Cowardly events unfolded before us on every major network. YT was at Work on LI when this happened.
We are sure there will be people we all know who might have suffered in this tragic event. We extend our hopes and prayers to all the families.

Everyone is grateful for all the rescue efforts put forth by the many involved in the clean up and search.

Peace and Sludge to all 

Please give to the American Red Cross

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June 2001

Thanks to Slow Horse and Bonesmith for making the show on June 8 an excellent evening.
And Thanks to everyone who came down WE SLUDGE YOU ALL!!! 
We all had a blast and thank you most !!!
Holy Crap that Place was Packed!!!

Borgo is planning to hit the studio this Summer
So expect some fresh new Borgo Pass very soon.

Don't Forget to pick up the Printed version of Daredevil Magazine.  
It comes with a compilation disc featuring Borgo Pass, Beaten Back to Pure, Cuda, High on Fire, Internal Void, LeechMilk, Mondo Generator, Mood, Operatorgenerator, Soul Preacher, The Want, Weed Eater, and WarHorse. Plus many Interviews, and Reviews and some real good ol' info for you!

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