Borgo Pass - Powered by Sludge (US loudbelly 01)


Sludgehammer rock!!!!!!! I was going to leave the review at that as it seems to sum this band up from the outset. Not that there's anything wrong with them, this is a great 50-minute dirty hard rock set. Those guitars are storming out from all angles. Ok so it's a bit Black Sabbath and a lot Rock & Roll but who cares, these guys are coming at ya and taking no prisoners along the way. Right now there's more stoner rock bands around that any other in the rock genre, and to tell many of these apart is no easy task. So much of the sound is taken right out of the early 70's major rock crew's, so for any band to break their way through the fold and keep ahead of the crowd gets harder each day. Borgo pass are worth investigating, even if you only have a passing interest in anything stoner. If you are already well baptised in the growing world of stoner rock and yet to cross the path of Borgo Pass, I'd go off now and check these guys from Baldwin NY out. Their darker and dirtier sound gives them that extra edge.

ACID ATTACK MUSIC (United Kingdom)

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