Borgo Pass(US) - Powdered by Sludge In Bram Stokers book about Count Dracula is Borgo Pass the dark and mysterious road up to the castle. Borgo Pass is a band out of the New York area that has been around since 93 and they are not a vampire metal band at all, instead they are offering on their latest release Powdered by Sludge a more psychedelic tripping heavy grooving rock. Kicking off with Meat Wallet with a intro that have early Sabbath vibe a pumping tune and a perfect opener. Afterbirth and drunkards doom has more a early Alice In Chains/Soundgarden vibe spiced up with a lot of psychedelia. Bellysmack and Saloon Burn has a more grooving vibe there is some similarity to C.O.C right there, Revelation is another fine number slow and tripping, another fave is Beer Garden with brilliant string arrangements kind of late Beatles mixed with early Led Zeppelin. Overall I feel this album is a nice package of tripping material. Check out the album by get in touch with the band at their Website
Gabriel Lilliehook

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