Borgo pass (US) Nervosa  Nervosa is the latest give from Borgo Pass , the N.Y combo have been featured on these pages in the past. This is an 11 tune disc and still self issued, (that is the weird thing this should be label supported), maybe a label with enough effort and support will take care of Borgo Pass and give them a break. Borgo Pass have made a number of demos in the past that I have enjoyed and still do. Nervosa is no exception, but I should consider this to the be the first album on the cause of material. Nervosa carries the trademark that the passers have been building on for the last few years, a varied concept mixing wonderful melody lines with a powerhouse dynamic doomy groove, they have put more effort in that on Nervosa and made it more intense and screwing, I am exhausted after I have spun this forwards and backwards a number of times. First the production, it has that specific pulse, its refreshing and very living. The material holds, the main factor is the arrangements and it has a varied feel that makes it pleasant and enjoyable to listen to it from acoustics to a mighty crunching sound and James Tamarazzo, what a frontman. I dig his voice, he is moving the mountains with a  compact register and a strong passionate feel. My message is that Borgo Pass have made a complete artwork with Nervosa, there is nothing that stands out of the picture. A excellent, wellmade and very productive piece of disc that really stands out. If you haven’t heard Borgo Pass before, buy Nervosa ,that is the perfect introduction. Info/Order mail

  Gabriel Lilliehook

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