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Loudbelly rec.

Thank you God, thank you! It is bands like this that restore my faith in
"underground" bands and releases. Very often one has to gring, while
listening to releases from "underground" bands. This is definitely not the
case here, I can assure you. In fact these guys would deserve way more than
the "underground" heroes tag. They deserve to be signed to major label and
really get heard ourside their hometown (the currently very troubled N.Y
City) and their homecountry the U.S., because I feel that they have great
potential. (Not just music potential, but commerical potential too).
It is quite hard to pigeonhole them really as they combine elements from
established (Stoner, Metal, grunge) bands that have music styles that are
very different to each other. What is very exciting though is that they have
managed to combine those elements without really copying any other band. In
fact they have managed to successfully combine that stuff and come up with
something that is fresh, exciting, varied, emotional, energetic and very
high class.
I don't have the slightest complain about this CD really. If I have to try
really hard to find something that I was not very impressed with, I might
say that the last song that they have added to the CD and happens to be a
live recording in one of the most famous N.Y.C venues, is not as impressive
as all the studio songs. But this is a very small complain really when every
single song is a little diamond. From higly energetic rockers to ultra
emotional slower stuff -that some people might call "ballads" - they manage
to impress the listener no end.
Amazing release! Buy this masterpiece before it gets sold out!

                         Georgios Sidiropoulos / Metal Invader

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