Borgo Pass


On the inner liner of this release is a "Warning" notice: " Play this record at insane loud volumes." It's hard to prescribe better  advice for Nervosa, the new full length album by one of the region's most popular hard bands. An act doesn't get to be as well-established as Borgo Pass in this area without having something special; it's extremely hard to build a loyal fan following without building an almost inescapable buzz. Borgo Pass has much more than that going for them-their rabid fans consider them a national act already. With the skill displayed on this 11 track release, it's a certainty that rockers from other areas will express similar sentiments. "Wrong Man", the opener, was the perfect choice for such a designation, rocking the speakers with jackhammer rhythm and James Tamarazzo's lithe baritone wails. Guitarists Tom Crane and Paul Rosado get their due on the title track, with a double melody pattern that recalls The Guess Who's hard rock classic "Hang On To You Life" but obviously is about 500 times as intense.  The key ingredient of any such act is a strong rhythm section, and it's hard to dispute that bassist YT and drummer Joe Wood are locked in the pocket throughout the disc.

This effort was a long time in the making, but obviously was worth the wait for Borgo Pass' huge fan following. Buy the disc, turn it on and play it loud. it's worth a noise abatement summons or two to have this much fun

Syl Nathan
Good Times Magazine

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