Borgo Pass - Nervosa (Self-Release)
By Darryl Baysinger

May 14, 2005

Borgo Pass have returned with a new full-length featuring the vocal talents of James Tamrazzo, and believe me, Nervosa is a smoker! I'm glad they made it a full-length. As much as I liked their previous effort, Slightly Damaged, I always kind of felt let down about the length. I was told at the time, that studio time was pretty expensive and when you have to hold down a job and raise a family that's the price you have to pay. You have to have priorities. This time around they used a friend's studio and recorded on analog tape, not digitally.

Borgo Pass have really come along musically and in the song writing department since I first began listening to them at in Dec. '99' or very early 2000. I was a fan then and still am today!

The vocals of James Tamrazzo still sound quite similar to those of Zakk Wylde, but bear in mind, a clone he is not! He is full of energy and sings with great passion! (He should! He just got married and is on his honeymoon as I type this! Congratulations!) Tommy Crane and Paul Rosado bring forth a fiery twin guitar attack. I was informed Paul plays most solos and they both do a lead "duet" on the title track, but they neither like to play solos much. We still find YT humming away on the bass and Joe Wood still pounding the skins and keeping it all together. We also hear a couple of tracks that could've been written for Ed Sebastian, but sound great with James on vocals so you don't miss Ed!

I like listening to this CD from start to finish. I will not name favorites since I find myself enjoying every song on here! Some label please sign Borgo Pass, I think you will be glad you did!

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