Borgo Pass
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2000 Loudbelly rec.

Have you ever tried a sludge powered engine??? Here we have the amazing Borgo Pass ready to take us on a super desertic acid trip...this is what I was waiting for, man!!!
Borgo Pass is a five piece US combo from New York, and I have to strongly recommend this album... come on, read on! The band plays a nice grunge-flavoured stonerrock, sometime really introspective, and some other time really 'loud'.
The album starts with the beautiful Meat Wallet, and goes on with great rock songs like 'Off the Kings Head' and 'Second Story'...
Borgo Pass always hit the center, and I can't notice any notsogood composition on this fucking good album. Maybe the only lil' problem with the whole work, is a certain lack of originality that can be heard sometime somewhere. Not a big problem, though. This release is very cool, and if Borgo Pass will work hard, we'll surely be astonished by their future releases.
If you need further info about Borgo Pass, be sure to check out their web-site:

Track list:
*Meat wallet
*Drunkards doom
*Off the kings head
*Second story
*Saloon burn
*Beer garden
*Red eye (live @ CBGB)

Groove: 4/5
Psychedelia: 3/5
Heaviness: 3/5
Originality: 3/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Review by Alex

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