by Jochen

Borgo Pass, this is the way to Dracula's Castle, the Demo was a total killer, now they're on a better and even more heavier way. "Powered by Sludge", that's their actual Album, just great, I can't describe how happy I was, when I heard the first riffs of this Album. Man, it blew me away, Paul Nieder, their producer must me a very smart and rocking person. "Meat Wallet", "Afterbirth", "Drunkards Doom" etc., these are all really heavy and smashing songs. Sludge-Rock, hmm, for that this Album is toooooooo good produced, it goes more into the steps of Kyuss. The instruments pretty much in the back, but always present and the voice is smooth and really catchy. It's definitely an Album I would buy in a shop. A Motor on the front-cover, that's what it is, an always running motor, which drives your brain mad. I smoked a funky cigarette and the music even brought me more to the mental orgasm. Oh, I think these guys are on their way. Ride on guys!!! A good present for every birthday, Christmas etc.. Go your way, go Borgo Pass!!!

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