Demo/Ep reviews Volume 17

Gabriel Lilliehook / GL-Productions

Borgo Pass (US) Slightly Damaged  Holy Cow!! This is very good stuff. New Yorks finest groovers ( with Bottom) have returned with a excellent disc featuring 5 pieces of strong heavyrock, melancholic moods and dark passionate gothic vibes, a great combination indeed. Their past disc knocked a few tonsils out of me, I thought that Borgo Pass would be picked up by a label, it was rich sounding, a great package and a intense production but I would be very surprised if the guys aint going to be signed with this one. Slightly Damaged features the talent of new frontman James Tamarazzo whose powerhouse vocals definitely is one of the focal points here, he adds that extra dimension to the creativity that this 5 piece has. Opener I've been down sets the record straight, a excellent power stomper the same caliber has Steelbloodacidgod, my personal fave and one of the best tunes I have heard in recent years Shame really moves me, dark, emotional and very effective, the same formula goes for Razorline. Camarocrashhelmet have also a very emotional effect, hard, heavy and gothic in the same take. Slightly Damaged brings more personality out of Borgo Pass. With this disc they establish themselves as one of the best unsigned heavyrock bands US can offer right now. Support the passers by check out this great disc, you aint going to be disappointed and labels out there check out this band if you haven't heard them.

Sept 2002

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