Reviews     Borgo Pass - Slightly Damaged (Self Release)
by Darryl Baysinger

Borgo Pass are back with a new lead singer and a new 5 song CD EP. Well an almost new lead vocalist. James Tamarazzo has been with them about a year and he brings a different vocal style to Borgo Pass. He replaced Ed Sebastian who left after he and his wife had twins. Borgo Pass are a five piece band who call Baldwin, New York home.

Borgo Pass still specialize in good ol' fashioned sludge. Vocalist James Tamarazzo is reminiscent of Black Label Society/Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. Guitarists Paul Rosado and Tom Crane play a powerful combination of sludge riffs and technical solos. The rhythm section of YT on bass and Joseph Wood on drums fit perfectly together to drive the steel-clad locomotive from hell that is Borgo Pass.

Track listing:

1. "I've been Down" - Starts out upbeat with great riffs and stays upbeat throughout the song, with a scorching solo.

2. "Shame" - Starts out soft and then the guitars jump in. Another great solo is played.

3. "Camarocrashhelmet" - Another soft starter before hitting you over the head with some mighty thunder riffs.

4. "Razorline" - Borgo Pass explore their lazy stoner side....but still heavy!

5. "Steebloodacidgod" - We find more heavy riffs and playing here with Jim Tamarazzo giving a few Phil Anselmo screams here and there.

This is a great 5 song CD/EP of sludge served up Borgo-ian style. The only complaint I have is that it is too short!

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Copyright 2002

Review by Darryl Baysinger 5/10/02


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