Interview with Paul Rosado taken from Midwest Metal Magazine, Issue # 25 Fall/Winter 2002

borgo pass

Borgo Pass are a kick ass Rock N Roll band with many heavy influences indeed.

How long have you been playing this style?  Tell a little about the background and how long it took for it to gel?

Paul Rosado:  The band in it's infancy stage started out as a hard rock/metal cover band called Slow Painful Death about 9 years and 4 singers ago.  We were doing Sabbath, AC/DC, Hendrix, Metallica, you name it.  In '94 we played our first show as Borgo Pass.  The only lineup change since then has been our singer.  Jimmy Tamarazzo joined us in April of '01.  Jimmy's vocal style allowed us to get a bit heavier musically and has made us all feel like we were in a new band.  We started geling almost immediately when Jimmy joined us.

Influences, personal, musical etc. I get a strong "Deliverance" feel to some songs,

Our influences individually are very diverse but the one common influence we all have is Sabbath.  Any heavy band that tells you that they are not influenced by them would be lying.  Zeppelin, Hendrix, Skynyrd, Metallica, and Floyd are among many of the others.  We have heard the COC comparison before, which is cool, they are a great band.  The reason we probably get that is because both bands play heavy, blues injected styles of music.  To me COC sounds like a heavyass version of ZZ Top.  (another excellent band).  Personal influence comes into play too.  Especially lyrically as life can be a serious struggle and the best music comes out when you experience hardships.

The name of the band...what and why?

We had a hard time coming up with a name for the band.  After tossing dozens of names around, our drummer Joe Wood, came up with the name Borgo Pass after reading a book on Vlad Tepes.  It sounded cooler that all the shitty names we came up with, so we kept it.

The current state of ROCK music is very healthy, how's the response been to the band?  I hate the term, but are you called "stoner rock"?

The response to the band has been great.  The Stoner community has really embraced our music.  And yes, I hate the term Stoner Rock too!  We have been getting excellent opportunities to open up for the likes of Type O, The Misfits and King's X over the last few months and the crowd response has been awesome.

Do you play out a lot, if a tour comes up can Borgo Pass tour?

We play out as often as possible.  Unfortunately we all have day jobs, but we still manage to do 5 or 6 shows a month.  We have done small tours in the past and will continue to do so.

Are there any past releases?  Future plans/goals?

We actually have released 3 CD's now.  The first self titled CD came out in '96.  'Powered By Sludge' in '00 and our first CD with our new singer came out now.  Our future plans include getting a recording deal, quitting our jobs, touring relentlessly, and living happily ever after.  To all you Midwest Metal readers out there, support the local hard rock/metal scene.  And if you hear that we're coming to town, come see us.  We promise not to disappoint!