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I know, I know...I`m really late with that review. Because this output goes back to 1999...but the CD is unbelieveable good, some words about it. Borgo Pass isn`t only Stoner Rock. OK, the first track is an unbelieveable power-stoner-song, but on the other tracks you will find more GrungeRock influences and all songs are led by the melodic vocals from Ed. The guitar-work is fat and every song has a big hookline. Every song is a small hit and above all 11 tracks not one song falls under the high level. Believe me!

If you like great songs, with some relaxed parts and emotional vocals - not only straight in your face rock, this is the right release for you. Old but good. If you are in the underground should have this record!

Genre: Heavy Rock

Music: 9

Sound: 9

Info: 11songs/51.54 minutes


Daredevil Records


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