“Borgo Pass, Arriving to Blister, Plunder and Pound the Showcase to an Admirable Close, Took to the Stage in the Wee Hours and Quickly Established Why They’ve Built a Buzz Around the Island as One of the Best Heavy Music Bands in Our Scene. Borgo Concentrated on Unleashing a Predominantly New Catalogue of Turn*yo*brain*to*jell-o Originals, Tipping Their Figurative Caps to the Monstrous Power of Former Forefathers. It Would Be Hard to Imagine the Bands’ Sound Getting Any Tighter as They Blasted Away in Perfect Unison, Trading Six-string Leads Back and Forth Without a Glitch and Making it Appear That One Mind Was Operating All the Players. This Is Heavy Music Hooks, Real Songs Fueling the Electrical Cloudbursts the Musicians Ably Display. Yep No Questions Here on Why this Band Is Drawing Raves... They’re Earning Them Five Times Over.”

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