Borgo Pass, in the Movies at Least, Was the Crossroads Where the Ill-fated Renfield Met His Connecting Carriage Ride to Dracula's Castle in the 1931 Film with Bela Lugosi. Aptly, Borgo Pass, the Band Piles on the Monster Riffs. It’s Not a Horror-flick-obsessed Band like White Zombie, However. Think More Sabbath Like, or Alice in Chains. Don’t Think Grunge, Think Sludge. The Fivesome, Singer Ed Sebastian, Drummer Joe Wood, Guitarists Paul Rosado and Tom Crane and Bassist Yt, Has Dubbed Itself New Yorks One and Only “Slude-core” Band.

“Powered by Sludge” Isn’t That Messy Though. Just a Bit Heavy. The Opening “Meat Wallet”, It’s “Spinal Tap” - Influenced Title Notwithstanding Gallops along at an Enjoyable Gait. “Afterbirth” and “Drunkards Doom” Settle into the Bands Trademark Grind. “Bellysmack” Is Destined to Be a Neck-snapping Mosh Pit Fave; Meanwhile, “Second Story” and “Beer Garden” Are as Low-key as the 11 Songs Get, and Do Not Lose Any Power What-so-ever. All in All, for the Heavy or Metal Minded, It’s Something to Sink One’s Teeth Into.

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