Nowadays there are a lot of good stonerrock-bands in the world, making good music. But there are some bands in this genre that don't pay very much attention to variation, although they sound nice, and that's a pity sometimes. Well, Borgo Pass from New York doesn't have this problem at all. On Powered By Sludge they offer you 11 songs, varying from groovy, fuzzy rocksongs to psychedelic, laid-back trip music and often even in a combination in one and the same song. Opening track Meat Wallet, for example, contains a very good songstructure: start heavy, calm down, slowly rebuild again. The one thing I like the most about Borgo Pass is Ed Sebastian's voice. He often reminds me of Layne Staley from Alice in Chains, but then with influences of a laid-back John Garcia. That, among other things, makes Borgo Pass sound very grungy (Afterbirth even reminds me of Creep from Seattle-grungers Stone Temple Pilots). Unfortunately, Borgo Pass is looking for a new vocalist now. I hope they will succeed in finding someone who's as good as, or maybe even better than Ed was. In the meantime, enjoy this album!  (by Gijs van de Burgt)
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