The L.I.E. October 2001 issue


For anyone who doesn't believe that there is a place for heavy music in this world, they are probably people that have never faced their own rage, disappointments and anxieties to the fullest extent. In this uncertain world (more uncertain than it was last month, that is for CERTAIN), one needs to get a lot out of their systems. One might enjoy doing it at a Borgo Pass/Bonesmith show.
Borgo Pass and Bonesmith, two of Long Island's elite heavy groups, put on a clinic on to play vicious, hard-hitting modern rock with pressing social points and raw emotion at Mr. Beery's. It was a night of pounding original music and the fans were wound up in their total absorption of it, yet there was never a sense that the scene would turn violent or mean. This was a night of blowing off steam, not blowing s%*& all over each other.

BONESMITH, who took the stage first, has had personnel changes like it's grinding brethren. Formerly a two guitar attack, the band is now a streamlined quartet, rolling with the guitar assaults of Paul Lanzetta and vocal fury of Ken Vincent. Rounded out by ace bassist Erric Seifert and new drummer Rich Russ, formerly of The Poets and Cave Penny, these four men crush and cruise with sheer musical power. Their loyal following, who seemed to be mouthing the lyrics to all their originals, pours out as much energy as the band and they clearly feed off of each other. Definitely kin of the heavier speed metal bands and core groups of the late 80's and 90's, Bonesmith has taken evolution to a smarter place while keeping the musical whiplash at maximum tilt. Melody and raw power...hey, you can meld them after all.

Borgo Pass, equally heavy characters that can thump your butt down the block and back, also have undergone a major change. These days, the dual guitars of Paul Rosado and Tom Crane, are led by a new man in the vocals chair, Jim Tamarazzo, while their percussive rhythm section of bassist YT and drummer Joe Wood have remained intact. Working songs from two previous CD's as well as new collaborations, Borgo effortlessly had hair flying, necks snapping to and fro and legs churning in a frenzied, spirited 45 minute set.

You can go to confession, you can go to a psychiatrist, but for my money, nothing calms you down like a focused, heavy music show. A little sweat, a lot of wattage and some friendly stomping later, the sizable crowd at Mr. Beery's thirst for the hard stuff had been quenched.
Borgo Pass and Bonesmith, probably best remembered for their Eerie Midnight Rock Show package of the last few years, are alive and well and altered for the best. These are still two of the best bands on the Island and whether you go to heavy shows to chase away demons or merely hang with the head-bangers, you can't hang many places better than where these bands are.
-Frank Quinn


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