Borgo Pass – Slightly Damaged ep
Review by Matt Frighetto


This is one of those releases I have been eager to hear for some time! After totally enjoying Borgo Pass’s first offering “Powered by Sludge” the time has come to once again enjoy Borgo Pass’s great metal styled rock. Slightly Damaged is a little different to their 1st release a little heavier maybe and possibly a tad more metallic in sound. Never the less this is a dark record with plenty of melodic mood sung vocals and well structured music. I really like how Borgo get a riff and make it sound so emotional and deep. Borgo Pass for people who don’t know have a sound similar to”Down” and James Tamarazzo has an almost identical vocal range as Phil Anselmo.

All Tracks are great rockers and all have a different sound this release isn’t all that long so it kind of keeps you wishing there was more by the time you finally get in their world it seems to end on you which is kind of a let down because these Borgo guys know how to rock. There is something here for everybody people who enjoy emotional and pure, true, good hard rock will enjoy Borgo Pass. Do not pass this one by a good record to own and play the shit out of…

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