Some nasty fungus in the Borgo Pass laboratory has
chemically exploded into an audio Blob ready to devour the nearest
listener with demon speed.  Their debut LP Nervosa boasts vicious, tight
groove permeating the entire creation in different incarnations, a
natural evolution from their critically acclaimed EP ?lightly


  Scattered within the CD are rock radio hits waiting to happen such as
Acedown because of its general ambience and Rid Myself of You, which
could be the next angst anthem on overkill radio play - anyone can
relate to its emotional gist.  This release bears no lack of listenable
melody interlaced with what is sure to satisfy the appetites of any
metalhead slavering for their fix of brutal sludge.  One notable
example of classic metal intensity is 14 Days That Killed Me Slow. 
It's just a fuckin' awesome song and this album is full of them.


  American Horror Story is a disturbing Vietnam soundscape of humanistic
guitar effects, one lyric repeated continually - They'd never told you
you'd never get back home - and background war noise with other words
grunted under the Sabbath like guitar barrage.  Tom Crane and Paul
Rosado provide the necessary guitar duties throughout the entire
release with the skill any respected former Black Sabbath cover band
demands. Considering Borgo Pass is a respected former Black Sabbath
cover band on the Long Island, New York rock circuit, this makes a lot
of sense.  


  Vocal shredder and lyricist James Tamarazzo spills his guts throughout
this almost dangerous album - most of the lyrics are influenced by
personal experiences.  He's been compared to Phil Anselmo from Pantera
but he undoubtedly possesses his own style - he has a good skill set of
growls, screeches and actual singing ability.  


  You can definitely hear where these boys are coming from.  Bad Mother
Ocean smacks of Led Zeppelin.  The American home-grown classic rock
influence cannot be denied.  Some songs bear Pantera technical
precision.  Others are Black Sabbath sludge homage rendered with the
Borgo twist.  Check out the Wizard like elements in Follow Me To
Nowhere as a good example of the way they incorporate elements of their
musical background into their songs.  You know it when you hear it, but
what they're doing is very much their own.

Aviva Sieradski
Metal Israel
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Jerusalem, Israel 91280

phone +972 54 62 44 613
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