Metal Rules Magazine
Issue #14
Borgo Pass Demo/CD


I hate the bandís name but I like the band. This would be the second Hard Rock-influenced CD of the day, the other being MASTODON and this is definitely the better of the two. The fact that while Mastodon was waaaay more Metal and this barely enters that realm, bares nothing on this case. BORGO PASS has a heavy influence of Hard 70ís era Rock with a massive DOWN influence. This is especially evident in the voice of James Tamarazzo, who bares an uncanny semblance to the style of Phil Anselmo when he sings in his whiskey-soaked Rock voice. I donít listen to much music of this style so for me to dig it this hard is pretty remarkable. This is a band Iíd definitely like to check out live. Hopefully Iíll have a chance soon.



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