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 4 out of 5
Band Name: Borgo Pass
Demo Title: Slightly Damaged
Band Members: James Tamarazzo (Vocals), Paul Rosado (Guitar), Tom Crane (Guitar), YT (Bass), Joseph Wood (Drums).
Location: Baldwin, NY

Musashi's Review:
What the hell is a Borgo Pass? Here is an example of good band with a bad name. I am sure we can think of a lot of bands out there with much worse names, but that does not excuse it. Anyway, I was on my second listening when I decided to look and see where these guys were from and it turns out they are from Long Island, New York. Surprising since they have a southern sound like Black Label Society. I would have suspected that they were wrestling alligators in the backyard between recording sessions.

If you like Pantera and BLS, then Borgo Pass is a band that will get your head banging. The guitars chug along with great intensity and create a thick, heavy, muddy wall of sound. The vocals are very reminiscent of Anselmo but lack the awesome power that only Phil can deliver. Overall, the demo sounds good, but the production is average. Good enough for a demo though.

I guess I expect the production to be better because the packaging is so professional. The booklet and photos are all excellent quality and it looks like the Borgo boys put a lot of money into this five-song effort. Unfortunately, I could not access their website to get the full Borgo experience. I assume that their attention to detail would carry over onto their website.

In my opinion, "I've Been Down" is their best song and based on that I can see Borgo Pass making a big splash. If Borgo Pass continues to bust out with more good songs, then they will go far.
4 out of 5

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