Midwest Metal Magazine
Issue # 25 
Fall / Winter

Borgo Pass: Slightly Damaged CD 5 Tracks

Once you hit play on this disc the ghost of 'Deliverance' era COC jumps out at you and reminds me of why I loved that album and why I dig the band known as Borgo Pass.  With any scene there seems to be a handful of bands who do their style so good there's no denying they belong right where the are, Borgo definitely rock and know their rock with harmonies and melodies sitting right next to heavier/sludgier riffs.  These elements wrapped in some really good songs is really what Rock is all about and Rock they do.  "I've Been Down", "Razorline" and "SteelBloodAcidGod" all rule and this is highly suggested piece of music.


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interview with Paul ROSADO and Midwest Metal Magazine