If You’ve Never Heard of Borgo Pass, You Spend Way Too Much Time Hanging out in Sports Bars. They’ve Been Around since ‘93 and Have Been Performing Relentlessly Ever Since. I First Saw Borgo Pass More than Five Years Ago at the Roxy in Huntington and Was Impressed with Their Heavy, Moody Sound. Their Presence Was Cool, and it Seemed like They Didn’t Give a Shit What the Audience Thought. Borgo Pass Creates Music on Their Own Terms, a Mix of mid 70's Metal/acid Rock Á La Black Sabbath with an Added Twist of Energy. They Don’t Try to Hide from Their Influences and Their Songs Can Easily Go Beyond the Standard Three-minute Lengths You Hear on the Radio. When I Found New Borgo Pass Tracks at Www.mp3.com/borgopass, I Was Curious to See What the Band Was Sounding like Nowadays. The Answer Is, Thankfully, Exactly the Same. They Never Changed Their Sound, They Only Enhanced It. On Mp3.com, They Describe Themselves as “Sludge-core” and That Couldn’t Be More Right On.

“Drunkards Doom” a Sludge-rock Anthem, Is but One Riff That Is Never Ending. The Song Would Fall Flat If Any Other Parts Were Added. It Sounds So Much like Sabbath but with Vocals by Way of Alice in Chains circa “Dirt”. This Is a Perfect Example of How Far You Can Go with a Single Riff by Building on the Dynamics.

“Meat Wallet” a Rockin’ Up-tempo Track with It’s Fuzzed out Riffs That Capture the Pure Essence of Borgo Pass, Makes Me Want Ride a Harley - If I Only How. I Have No Idea What the Song Is about - Perhaps It’s about Big Asses.

“Saloon Burn” Is a Little Too Happy for Me. I Prefer Borgo Pass’ Moodier Songs That Explore Their Influences on a Deeper Level. This Is a Very Good Song When Your in a Need for Some Happiness. All Around I Would Have to Say, Borgo Pass Still Kicks Ass.

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