Munchaba Underground III
July 23, 2005
Munchaba Lounge
Levittown, New York

by Kathy Fleischmann
photography by Vinny DiMarco

Promoter Vinny DiMarco organized his third show in a hopefully long stretch of his Munchaba Underground series featuring some of Long Island’s finest original music. This time around, the theme was rock/metal and the outstanding acts of the night were Deep Rising, Cast in Shadows, Borgo Pass, Remains of the Fallen and Seven27.

“Who does a motherfucker have to blow to get a beer around here?”That was Borgo Pass’ lead vocalist James Tamarazzo’s first statement over the mic. Being a true advocate of linguistic crudeness, this immediately grabbed my attention as the band embodied the Munchaba Lounge stage. The very tireless and forceful rhythm section is comprised of drummer Joe Wood, YT on bass and guitarists Tom Crane and Paul Rosado. Also promoting a new CD, “Nervosa”, the band performed songs from the new release including, “14 Days that kill me slow”, “Wrong Man” and the title track which has a driving “Whipping Post” undercurrent. One of the most compelling songs of the set was “Rid Myself of you”, a clear-cut expression of the familiar bitterness everyone has felt after a failed relationship as Tamarazzo sings of “Living inside the ugly self and burning pictures of the past”. The band is currently unsigned, touring and is participating in a 500 station radio promotion publicity push for their new CD. For more information, please visit,

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