Borgo Pass
"Powered By Sludge"

Formed in '93, self proclaimed "sludge" rockers Borgo Pass pretty much kick ass with this album. If I had to describe them, I would suggest they are like a cross between Alice In Chains and the newer Corrosion of Conformity but have a more retro sound. "Powered By Sludge" is the bands latest effort and would definitely appeal to those who like stoner rock or any type of bluesy rock n' roll. There are no gimmicks, no bullshit, just full on guitars/bass/drums being pushed to create something a bit more unique than generic stoner rock. Some songs are fairly mellow... such as "Kitchen" and some will get you off your ass like the opener "Meat Wallet" and "Off the Kings Head". And I swear I heard some classic Pink Floyd influence in the song "Second Story", check out the intro and see if you agree. Can't go wrong with that can we? With 11 tracks including one taped live at New York's CBGB, "Powered By Sludge" and Borgo Pass are worth checking into.

Contact Info:
PO BOX 0388
Baldwin, NY 11510

Review by Paulina

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