Borgo Pass? Runners up in the 1998 Long Island Music Festival, Recently Played at the Eatím Festival in Las Vegas. What a Year! Borgo Packs Clubs from Amityville to Manhattan. Borgo Passí Music Leans Towards the Original Metal of the 70's with the Distorted Gibson Sounds Mixed with Heavy (Yet Understandable) Vocals. It Is this Gritty, Intense Energy on Stage That Falls Just Short of Actually Handing out Adrenaline to the Audience, Making Borgo Pass a Crowd Pleaser.

The Contract Between Vocalist Ed Sebastian Closing a Fist Around the Microphone, and Swaying Back and Forth Almost Spitting His Lyrics at You and the Calmness of Drummer Joe Wood Laying down a Rock-solid Beat with What Looks like No Effort, Is Almost Comical. How Does Joe Stay So Serene While the Other Guys and the Crowd Is at Their Boiling Point.?.

Who Knows or Cares Itís All Good Music Here with Power and Emotion. This Is the Type of Band That You Just Donít Come to See Them Play, You Feel Them!!!

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