Review by Jeb Taylor

For a while there I was beginning to wonder why a city as large as New York was producing no good heavy rock bands but recent releases from Slow Horse, Bottom and Puny Human to name a few have restored my faith in the city and now you can add Borgo Pass to that list. As the title suggest this CD is eleven tracks of sludgy rock grooves played with plenty of energy and power.

They start off proceedings in a huge way with Meat wallet which features a huge main riff and a pounding rhythm section. Bellysmack is a favorite of mine as it rushes along at a frantic pace. While the majority of the tracks on here are heavy their are some lighter more somber moments such as Afterbirth and Second Story which they also handle very well. Another good touch to the CD is the inclusion of Red Eye as a live track which gives the listener an idea of how they cut it live and I must say they do well.

This is a fine effort for what I believe is a debut album and would be highly recommended to those looking for a new slab of heavy sludge rock. If you get a chance to check them out live, do so, otherwise pick up a copy of Powered By Sludge and enjoy.

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