Saigon Kick, Borgo Pass
The Village Pub
Port Jefferson

Borgo Pass are, in their own words, ďa pure rock band with no gimmicks.Ē They opened for the well-known Saigon Kick at the Village Pub in Port Jefferson and played to a packed house. The five-piece band comes to us from Baldwin, NY and is comprised of James Tamarazzo, Tom Crane, Joseph Wood, Paul Rosado and YT. The heavy-duty sound of Borgo Pass is a combination of stoner rock, modern metal and classic blues-rock. The emotionally charged vocals, good compositional skills and tasteful use of effects create a sound reminiscent of pre-badmotorfinger Soundgarden, and Ozzy during the Zakk Wylde years. All five musicians compliment each other and contribute very nicely to the bands sound. Borgo Pass was a great pick. The bandís roots rock sound warmed up the stage quite nicely.
Borgo Pass released their new album April 6th at the Downtown in Farmingdale.

Beth Ann Palladino / GoodTimes Magazine NY

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