Borgo Pass - Slightly Damaged

by Jeanne
Score! Music Magazine

Not many bands can pack a raw, rock-enraged punch. Perfect vocals, perfect musicianship and a "slightly damaged" package that can be attributed to only one band: Borgo Pass.

Though the band's second effort, the catchingly named, Slighty Damaged, is only five songs, the band's abilities are displayed with perfection and leave the listener in awe. Why is this band still label-less? Songs like future hit, "I've Been Down", and the melancholy "Razorline" are perfect examples of what Long Island's heavy rockers can do- and it's nothing short of possessing your rock n' roll soul.

Professional packaging, sounds, and a sound that will wet the palate of any rocker- more classically atuned or otherwise- are the defining characteristics of these heavy rockers who hold nothing back.

Hey Pantera, need new tour support???

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