Bands like Borgo Pass Usually Cringe in Horror, Squirm like Men with Poisonous Vipers in Their Trousers and Rush for an Air Sick Bag with the Determination of an Olympic Writer When Critics Refer to What They Do as a “Mature, Fully-realized Work”. Well, Jumpin’ Jehosophats, Boys, Better Start Convulsin’ and Sprinting Now... Sorry. “Powered by Sludge” the Latest Disc from L.I. Sludgemeisters Borgo Pass, Shows a Band Really Hitting Their Potential.

“Powered” Is a Breathless Stomp and Slam Event That Contains Guitar-driven Assaults with Hooky Riffs, an Impressive Vocal Performance and a Backline That Does to the Human Mind What Lumber Camp Chain Saws Do to Damsels Tied to Logs. There’s Not a Single Second Where You Doubts this Bands Passion for What They Do, They Gleefully Plunder the Listener at Every Turn with Crunching Chords and Dark Sense of Humor. There’s Plenty of Crap out There These Days, Loads of Faceless Antisocial Types Whining about Something or Hating this or That. Borgo Pass, from the Impressive Thematic Packaging to the Velocity-with-an-identity Pandemonium on the Disc, Has Really Forged a Unique Identity after Years of Developing and That’s Not as Easy to Do as You May Think. 

If You Grew up on Sabbath, Blue Cheer or Motorhead and Never Lost Your Taste for the Mayhem, Get Yourself Some Borgo Pass to Expand Your Collection. If You Grew up in Love with Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam’s Heavier Moments or Soundgarden, Have a Taste of This. If You like Celine Dion or Michael Bolton, Get Help.

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