BORGO PASS - "Powered By Sludge"

Label: Indie
Release Date: 2001

Reviewed by: Stoner Rock Chick
Posted: Sep 03, 2001

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I first caught a listen to Borgo Pass way back when I was messing around on mp3 searching for good bands. since then I've linked to their site, but up mp3's occasionally, and added their tunes to my mp3 station "Stoner Rock Chick's Stoner Rock'. Mp3 is paying off. Its about time that BORGO PASS were taken seriously. So this review is based on the first listen.

First, they do a lot of funky stuff with the guitar sounds that I dig, being the guitar-oriented person that I am. The first track, "Meat Wallet" is semi-eclectic. Its spacey, trippy, and psychedelic with a faster rocking tempo. They can play! Track 2, "Afterbirth" is a heavy, psychedelic ballad-like song. Yeah! This is no traditional, weepy tearing ballad. This is a fast-hitting but sentimentally much challenging song musically. "Saw the face of God One day". Solid guitar that shines along with the vocals.

This band I would not brand with more traditional stoner rock,. BORGO PASS seem influenced by Soundgarden and Alice In Chains the whole Seattle thing that seems fresh again when you have alternatives like indefensible nu-metal and/or 'alternative'. I can see this album very radio friendly. The musicianship is amazing and the music is very easy to listen to.

This is an album I could throw on at a party and everyone would ask "Hey who is this, this is cool?"

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