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Thread Subject: Borgo Pass - Slightly Damaged
Borgo Pass - Slightly Damaged
Review by: Rob Wrong (
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Right off of the bat, the latest CD from Borgo Pass "Slightly Damaged" pummels with stoner sludge blues goodness...classic tunes that have the intensity of Grand Magus at times...other times it's very spacial and moody.

There is a ton of 70's influence going on, drenched in doom and mood swings. The vocals remind me of sort of a like Ben from Orange Goblin, but at other times during some of the more quiet melodic parts it reminds me slightly of Layne Staley or Eddie Vedder for a lack of better words. Very melodic through all the loud and quiet moments.

Like I said there are definite doom/gloom parts, but mostly it reminds me of post Seattle grunge a lot of stuff coming out these days, if it would have came out 10 years ago it would have fit into what was going on. This is a good thing for sure, don't get me wrong...I am a huge fan of most of the bands that came out of that time era of music...Borgo Pass definitely has that same sort of grunge feel, nonetheless.

I could picture Borgo Pass on a bill with Orange Goblin, Grand Magus, Mammoth Volume and Solitude Aeturnus...sounding nothing like any of these bands of course, but Borgo Pass shares a little in common with all of them...

Great tunes, dark and melodic, heavy and rocking. Get this one if you are also a fan of early Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden...has that same sort of vibe. Check it out.




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I really, really dig this new Borgo material. If MeteorCity were signing bands right now, I'd want to give them some serious consideration. I've had a couple people mention hearing some nu-metal influences on this batch of stuff, but I don't hear that. I think the Grand Magus and Alice In Chains comparisons Rob made both hit the mark; and old Orange Goblin to a degree, although Borgo's singer could belt ol' Ben under the table in a throat war. This stuff is heavy yet catchy, like more recent Monster Magnet a bit, and Grand Magus, and a bit like that new major-label Soil record. It's like if radio rock was intelligent, which I'd guess is why Rob mentioned the grunge bands, 'cause that's the last time I can recall radio rock that wasn't tailored for the lowest common denominator.




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Do they have the same singer as on their last release? I liked that one.



Reply Subject: Borgo Pass - Slightly Damaged
It's a different vocalist from their first album. According to their website, Jimmy (current vocals) joined the band June 8, 2001. I'm pretty sure "Powered By Sludge" was a 2000 release.



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Yeah, it is a different singer than on Powered By Sludge, the original guy had alot more Layne Staley in his sound, Jimmy (new guy) is still melodic and writes some great vocal hooks, but he's got waaaaay more power and explosiveness than the previous singer. I liked the previous singer too, but I dig the new one more.



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