Borgo Pass – Nervosa
Review by John Pegoraro (
Self Released
Release date: April 23, 3005

New York ’s Borgo Pass come throttling out the gate with some catchy chugga-chugga riff metal on Nervosa. It brings to mind a less southern sounding Down (the second album), Black Label Society without the guitar wankery, and European metal giants like Orange Goblin and Grand Magus when full on.

The first two tracks – “Wrong Man” and “Nervosa” – start Nervosa on a good note and are indicative of the most of the album. The songs are rhythmic heavy, but they don’t sacrifice hooks in their assault. “Warchild” takes a more rock approach, pulling back on the aforementioned chugga-chugga riffs. With “Dead Summer,” they veer a little too close to standard angst metal ballad territory, but they acquit themselves later on with the like-minded but more anthemic “Rid Myself of You.”

With “American Horror Story,” Borgo Pass close out of the album with a Down-Sabbath doom growler. It may strike some as being too similar to Down (including the patented Phil Anselmo “mutter-whisper” parts), but to these ears, it rounds off Borgo Pass ’ sound nicely. Nervosa is one of those albums that should appeal to both the metal and rock crowds.


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