NervosaBorgo Pass - Nervosa
Country: USA      Genre: Stoner/Sludge Metal

New York sludge rockers Borgo Pass formed about ten years ago and have proven to have dedication and perseverance to last longer than any of their contemporaries. They released a self titled debut and Powered by Sludge, which established them on the local scene. Their 2002 e.p., Slightly Damaged was their best effort yet and drew Borgo Pass attention from more than just the stoner rock scene. Their timeless style of music sees influences from 70's bands like Black Sabbath but also modern bands like Clutch.

I was pleasantly surprised when Nervosa arrived in the mail. Nervosa picks up where Slightly Damaged left off and it's the best work of Borgo Pass' career. The appropriate anthem "Wrong Man" opens the disc with great energy and memorable hooks. "Nervosa" keeps the album moving forward in the same vibe before shifting gears with "Dead Summer." "Dead Summer" is a semi-ballad with powerful emotion and a great performance from frontman James Tamarazzo, and don't worry by the songs end Borgo Pass have some crushing riffs. The middle of the album explores the dirty rock vibe of their previous work. Later, they offer the short, peppy acoustic rock of "Bad Mother Ocean" and the "Black Sabbath" influenced "American Horror Story" ends Nervosa with an atmospherically disturbing note. Borgo Pass take sludge rock and make it energetic, catchy, and always a pleasurable.

 Album Score: 8.5 out of 10
Reviewed by:
Brett VanPut

Originally released in 2005

Track #: Song: Band Member: Instrument:
1 Wrong Man James Tamarazzo vocals
2 Nervosa Tom Crane guitars
3 Dead Summer Paul Rosado guitars
4 Follow Me to Nowhere YT bass
5 Last to Know Joe Wood drums
6 Acedown
7 Warchild
8 Rid Myself of You
9 14 Days That Killed Me Slow
10 Bad Mother Ocean
11 American Horror Story

Liked It: 1 100%

Disliked It:

0 0%


- Best album of the year

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