Transcending the Mundane: Interview with Borgo Pass

Talking with . . .   Borgo Pass

Interviewed 8/26/02 by Brett VanPut

New Yorkís Borgo Pass have been on the rock scene for several years now. With two full lengths and a new e.p., Slightly Damaged, Borgo Pass are veterans who know what it takes to make an impact. They have a new vocalist, James Tamazarro. Here are some questions I posed to guitarist Paul Rosado.

How do you feel about the new e.p.?  

I feel real good about it. I think with the addition of Jimmy on vocals, that we took it to the next level without changing the sound of the band drastically.

How has the bands evolved and grown since the first album?

 We all have become better players and as a result have become better song writers. The songs we write now seem to have more cohesiveness to them. Weíve been together for eight years now with the only lineup change being our singer and have really become a family. It definitely reflects on our music.

What type of music fan do you think would enjoy Borgo Pass?

 Anyone that likes good old fashioned heavy music with no bullshit hiphop or d.j. will dig it. If you listen to Sabbath, Metallica, Pantera, Zeppelin or anything that is real, then youíll most likely be into it.

Whatís your live show like? Whatís your opinion of the New York scene?

 Our live shows are all about energy. Weíre having a blast when weíre performing so that usually gets the crowd more into it. We are also a very loud band so we like people to feel it in their chestís too. The New York scene is not what a lot of people think itís cracked up to be. Itís not completely horrible if your into tribute bands and bands that sound like they are on the soundtrack to one of those lame-ass teenage coming of age movies. Itís basically what you put into it. If your band doesnít suck and you promote your shows properly, then a lot of people will show up.

How are things different now compared to when you started out?

 There has been a resurgence of heavy music as of late, so things are looking up for good unsinged metal and hard rock bands. The New York scene eight years ago pretty much sucked too, so that really hasnít changed much.

Why do you think major success has proved to be elusive so far?

 The ugly truth of the matter is that the odds of any band attaining major success is very small. We do feel however that over the last eighteen months that the band has made some great strides. We have been getting better shows and playing in front of more people. Hopefully a good label will take notice so we can take this band to the next level and beyond.

What drives your energetic vibe? How are you able to translate this energy onto a disc?

 Our vibe comes from within ourselves. Everyone in the band has gone through a lot of serious shit and I think that is reflected in our songwriting. Getting that vibe on disc can only be accomplished by recording live. All of the music on our new disc was recorded live. Slightly Damaged has the closest sound to what our live shows sound like out of all our recordings.

How has your outlook of the music business changed through the years?

 Not a whole heck of a lot. Itís the same now as itís been in a long time. Talent doesnít mean much in this business. All one has to do is put the radio on for a few minutes to realize this. Every now and again a very talented rizes out of the ashes to give the music industry a serious kick in the ass.

How do you know when youíve captured a killer riff?

 If someone in the band doesnít say, ďThat sucks!Ē, then we know we have a keeper.
What hobbies or interests do you have outside of music?

 Ice cold beer, good food, having a good time and sleeping.

What has been the most difficult obstacle to overcome?

 Auditioning for a new singer when our old singer left. That really sucked. We had close to forty auditions before Jimmy joined the band. There was about a year that we didnít perform live. That was complete torture as well.

What has been your highlight thus far?

There have been many, but recently the band has been opening for a lot of national acts such as Type 0 Negative, Monster Magnet, and Kingís X. Doing shows like that make all the bullshit you go through a little less annoying.

What do you want to accomplish with this new e.p.?

 Getting a good record deal would be nice. We are all very ready and willing to quit our day jobs.
Final comments? Come see Borgo Pass play live and we promise not to dissapoint. Buy Slightly Damaged and be the first kid on your block to own the new Borgo Pass c.d. If you canít afford to buy the c.d., then go to our website at and download some music. No matter where you live on this planet, support your local heavy music scene and go out and see live shows.

Discography: 2002... Slightly Damaged 1999... Powered By Sludge 1996... Borgo Pass

Current line-up: James Tamarazzo... vocals Paul Rosado... guitars Tom Crane... guitars Y.T.... bass Joseph Wood... drums



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