U L T I M A T E  M E T A L   R E V I E W S
Borgo Pass - "Powered By Sludge"
by Chris Barnes

Sludge comes in oh so many different forms, I'm learning in my position as heshrock scribe. There's the really think, soupy stuff ala' Eyehategod and the now- defunct Iron Monkey. Then there is the "melodious sludge" which is capable of the same thick soupiness, but is tempered by the addition of a maraschino cherry floating amongst the debris.

The latter is the type of sludge pioneered by New York's Borgo Pass. It's capable of driving, down-tuned dirge as in the first track "Meat Wallet" (great story behind the title for this one...a reference to a gig, a girl, and a see-through dress) and "Afterbirth", as well as acoustic-based beauty in "Second Story" and "Beer Garden". Throw in a little slow-mo supah-sludge with "Drunkard's Doom" and some thrashsludge with "Bellysmack" and you've got yourself....an....errr...sludge salad! Lot's of variety here to keep the listener entertained, happy, and drooling. Like audio Thorazine. That's Borgo Pass.

Lemme tell ya, the first three tracks off the album: "Meat Wallet", "Afterbirth", and "Drunkard's Doom" are worth the price of admission alone...some of the most emotional charged, rocking and original tunes laid to disc in my extremely humble opinion. If you aren't singing "...Saw the face of God today...always in the way...." along with Ed and the boys, then I'm throwing away my handmade set of Heshrock Scribe credentials. Ok, so I'm not a big fan of the thrashiness of "Off The Kings Head" or "Bellysmack". That's only two out of eleven tracks. That's a pretty good ratio for any review. Especially one done by an obvious a-hole such as myself.

One of the many things that stands out about Borgo Pass, aside from the obvious talent of the band, is that they have recruited a great talent in the voice of Ed Sebastian. He's got a fantastic voice, a nice cross between a mellow John Garcia and a full-throttle Lane Statley. This is no studio trickery either, as he sounds just as good on live track "Red Eye". Better pick this release up quick before Ed joins a boy-band and goes on a mall tour.

Visit the Borgo Pass website and purchase "Powered By Sludge" at www.borgopass.com

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