This five piece band hails from Baldwin, N.Y. and they deliver with this album an eleven song stoner rock assault. Although I really like some stoner music now and than I’m not a big fan of the genre and I usually get bored with it after a couple of songs. “Powered By Sludge” is however a disk I played a bunch of time from the beginning to the end without getting bored. Of course the band uses lots of Black Sabbath and 70’s influences but they created a solid sound with lots of variation. The psychedelic atmospheres in combination with the grooving tunes are giving a dynamic sound. Vocalist Ed Sebastian is a singer with a passionate voice and he gives the band that little bit extra that make them stand out of the sludge pool of bands. A thick low tuned sound with exciting vocals packed in a powerful production so I would suggest checking these guys out.
Bruno Van de Velde
UNDERTOW Heavy Metal Magazine


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