Live Show Review From Zeppelins NOLA
By Angela


I woke up really late after Halloween festivities and went to this show mainly for something to do as I only heard a few songs of theirs at house of shock the previous night.
so I get there and they are setting up and they take the stage and there is still hardly anyone in the place. I don't know what was up but also I had not seen any flyers so I guess that is why there was no one there. there were on the other hand quite a few people I had never seen in my life I guess they were from out of town.
anyway they started playing and some people started coming in, they were extremely loud and that brought in a few more people. immediately when I heard them I thought of down and Pantera. the singer has a very strong Phil influence in his voice. which is not really a bad thing. just very noticeable.
there was also something about the guitar/bass tones that reminded me of electric wizard a bit, I don't think it was the guitar or the bass necessarily just the way it blended together. they were faster though.
they did two Black Sabbath covers and played a very long set. by the time they were done everyone in the place had been dancing and bobbing up and down and etc and I swear it felt like I had ear plugs in up until a good two hours later. I got claustrophobic in the bathroom and had to stand by the doorway for the rest of the night because of the pressure in my ears I have never heard anyone play so loud at zeppelins before I don't think.
anyway I didn't really know what to expect because I had only seen the name mentioned a few times on the board here and on the stoner hands of doom line up but yeah chances are if you dig Phil Angelo projects you will dig borgo pass.
also mad props [heh] to these guys for funding their own tour, you know its hard to travel like that without funding from a label but they have high hopes.


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